HDL changes for two adrv9009 with A10SOC ?

Dear AdrianC,  

We are building a board of "dual _AD9009 + A10SOC", WE use  2019_R1 release now.  The Altera HDL supports a single AD9009 only,  I need to kmow how to add the 2nd AD9009 Support in Altera HDL project. 

1)  In an old thread, you mentioned " we 're working on FMCOMMS8 board, which is a dual ADRV9009 on FMC and it will work also with the A10SOC. " . I want to know does the  FMCOMMS8 board now can use together with A10SOC Platform yet ?   If the answer is yes,  where can I find the HDL project , I want to take it as reference for our design  ?

2)  if the answer is NO,   Can you suggest how to expand the single AD9009 HDL design, to support 2nd ad9009(s) in A10 ? (I mean in HDL level). Do I need duplicate “adrv9009_204b_tx  & rx”.  to "axi_adrv9009"  to "9009_tx/rx_dma" modules to reach this ?  Or only double the front  “adrv9009_204b_tx  & rx” module but keep other modules as is ? 

   Please give a generic suggestion, from your expertised view.  

Thanks & Best Regards  



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