Removing RX chain from ADRV9009 design for an ADRV9008-2


I tried to make a custom design for an ADRV9008-2 from the adrv9009_zcu102 reference design by removing all parts of the RX chain. The ADRV9008-2 does not have RX and I would like to save ressources and make the design more concise, as a prerequisite for supporting a second ADRV9008-2W/PCBZ in the future. The idea was to remove the unnecessary parts from the block design script adrv9009_bd.tcl.

Removing axi_adrv9009_rx_dma, util_adrv9009_rx_cpack and rx_adrv9009_tpl_core is no problem at all. The design still works.

Removing axi_adrv9009_rx_jesd, axi_adrv9009_rx_xcvr, axi_adrv9009_rx_clkgen and adrv9009_rx_device_clk_rstgen is more tricky. The design does not work any more. This might be due to a modified pin-assignment of the util_adrv9009_xcvr block. I tried to correct this, but without success.

Eventuelly I succeeded by letting these blocks being instantiated at first, an deleting them later by  delete_bd_objs commands. So I have a functioning design without the RX parts, but the solution is not elegant and not concise. There must be a more straight way.  Any hints?

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