Generating a square waveform on zc706+fmcdaq2


I have built the no-OS project and now been trying to generate the square waveform of 20MHz. I have made the changes in the sine_lut table with the square wave values whereras, I end up with the noise output on the oscilloscope. As per this thread   there are few hardware filters on DAQ2. Can someone please tell me how do I find the specific filters to be disabled to generate the square waveform.

Or, is there any way without modifying the board,I can generate the square waveform.

Any help is highly appreciated.

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    on Mar 10, 2020 12:42 PM in reply to prashin
    Could you please tell me who can help me with the schematic?

    Third party contractors.

    Changing the analog filters means redesigning the whole board.

    Is there any similar board to FMC DAQ2

    If we are talking about devices with high sample rates, the chances are that those devices are used in designs made for RF. The outputs of this boars are AC coupled not DC, as you need. Using a board capable of 1GSPS or more, to transmit a 20MHz square wave is a huge waste of resources...
    There are a few precision DAC out there...

    Probably this is not what you want, but take a look at m2k.
    It uses an AD9963 100MSPS ADC - 75MSPS(150 with interpolation) DAC. Or 16 pins(GPIOs) for the pattern generator and logic analyzer(100MSPS).