Call ADI ZC706-TCPIP Client DLL from Ubuntu Linux on ZC706 Arm


I have 2 AD9371 (with ZC706)  setups, one of which  runs with the "Windows based TES SD Card", and the other has the "Linux-iio based SD Card".  

a) By using the windows based SD card , i am using  "ADI ZC706-TCPIP Client DLL" (AdiCmdServerClient.dll)  with MATLAB in order to send and receive data from the remote windows computer. 

b) In the linux-iio based SD card platform, I have been using pyadi and libiio to create  transmit and receive chains, and in this platform, i don't have to use remote host. I can work standalone AD9371-Zc706 platform. 

My question is that

1) Can i use the  "ADI ZC706-TCPIP Client DLL"  functions in  AD9371-Zc706 Arm Ubuntu Linux environment (comes with the SD card)  without any remote host so that I can create standalone transmit and receive  chains  ?

2) Or , Can i  somehow use this dll functions in the iio-based linux environment ? What is the relation between them ?