ADRV9009+A10 SoC Dev kit No-OS

Is there any updated information on the build flow for ADRV9009 + A10SoC for no-OS?  I see many references to manual steps being needed, i.e., no simple make setup, but I haven't quite pieced them all together to get a successful build. I am attempting to use the 2019_R1 branch.

I managed to generate system.h from the sopcinfo to get past my first errors, but am now running into issues with app_clocking.c.  It appears that only NIOS II is supported for spi/gpio platform drivers - is this true?  If so, do I need to use the hwlibs Altera drivers?

I am sure I will run into many more issues after this one (I saw a reference to manually editing linker scripts somewhere, as an example) and it would be great if there were more detailed instructions somewhere that I haven't found yet on wiki/forums.


Mike Brown