ad9136-FMC-BRD bring up and initial testing


I'm trying to get an AD9136-FMC-BRD to work on a ZC102 and I'm having trouble getting an output on OUT0 (J17).

With no clock on J1, I have no issues reading/writing registers over SPI and AXI for the ad9136 and ad9516-1.

Probing JP2, the clock looks all wrong (jittery, varying over time, and I configure 10.93MHz in iioscope while I measure about 6MHz).

At that point I realized that the AD9516 can't use the internal VCO so I tried feeding a 250MHz clock on J1.

Still no problem accessing the ad9516 but the linux fails to probe the ad9144 driver (used for the ad9136):

axi_adxcvr 80010000.axi_adxcvr: TX Error: 0
ad9144 spi3.1: Failed to enable JESD204 link: -5
ad9144: probe of spi3.1 failed with error -5

Probing JP2 again, the clock seems more stable but it's still quite off. I'm setting 10.93MHz in iioscope and I measure 5.8MHz (I'm using lower speeds just because of the scope I have at the moment).

I not sure how to proceed with my testing...

Do I have to generate a different firmware file for the AD9516?  How can I debug the JESD initialization error?

Thanks for your time,