Verilog/VHDL for AD9265 Configuration via SPI

I'm looking for HDL (either Verilog or VHDL) source that configures an AD9265 or similar ADC via their associated SPI port.  Ideally, the AD9265 would be configured from a block memory used as a ROM containing the SPI address and SPI data for configuring the AD9265.  The contents of that block memory are loaded when the FPGA is configured.

I thought I saw Verilog for doing this in a reference design for another part.  Sadly I did not download that reference design at that time when I stumbled across it.  I did download the "HDL-Master" repository from github but I didn't see anything that looked SPI configuration code.

Of course, I can write this myself but I'm trying to save myself a few days of work.  The "best" engineers are always the lazy ones. :)

Thanks for your help!


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