ad9361 HDL on TRENZ ultrascale

Dear All,

This question is only related to AD9361 HDL design vs specific Ultrascale board. DDR, pinouts, routing, timing, etc in relation to the carrier board is not what I am concerned at the moment. 

I am planning a project to port the existing AD9361 HDL reference design to TRENZ Ultrascale xczu4cg FPGA (

For planning purposes I need to understand if there is any show stopper that I should consider here? Or if there are no big alarms how about the I and O SERDES? Does zcu102 design have everything I need? Is there anything I need to modify in that AD9361 core? I didnt fully understand how is SERDES really used in the AD9361 design but I noticed that ISERDES2 (instead of 3) is used in /xilinx/xommon/ad_serdes_in.v but that doesnt seem to be instatinated anywhere (or I didnt see it). 

I have seen several threads on this forum for similar topic but nothing is really answering what I am after? I read the porting doc

Any comments will be much appreciated. Many thanks,