ADRV9009-ZU11EG SOM util_som_rx_cpack data interweave format


I have a question about the Channel CPACK Utility Core IP data format in the ADRV9009 ZU11EG SOM reference design. What is the format of the 128-bit data coming out on the packed_fifo_wr_data[127:0] bus? From the wiki, I believe it is organized by channel like MSB [I3, I2, I1, I0, Q3, Q2, Q1, Q0] LSB, each 16-bits being a single I/Q sample. Is that correct?

I am scoping with an ILA IP and only care about I0/Q0 at the moment. I have written code to unpack the hex data and convert to signed integer values. But I don't particularly want to go through and connect/disconnect each channel with a single-tone input, scope it, and plot to see which channel shows the single-tone signal.

Additionally, from the scoped image below (if it's clear enough), the packed_fifo_wr_en signal indicates valid data to the Rx DMAC, correct? In the image below, every 4th packed_fifo_wr_data[127:0] change, there is a valid data sample indicated by packed_fifo_wr_en?