adrv9361z7035 ethernet 1 problem

Hi, I'm using adrv9361 board. I want to use ethernet 1 (the one which is connected to PL). I'm using xilinx vivado with TEMAC core. At first I send continuously same packets. The problem is that there is a chance that I get the wrong packets. And in the wrong packets, in some bytes 1 bit changes from 0 to 1. I have no idea why this happens. I tested my code with 88e1111 marvell (GMII) and the same transmitting code is not work here. I know the problem is not from the code because I checked it with ILA and all packets and timings are ok. You can see the correct packet and the wrong packet in the attached pictures.

The I/O std --> LVCMOS18

captured packets with wireshark

correct packet

wrong packet

Any idea how to fix this?