ADALM-PLUTO pin numbers defined in parameters.h


I'm using the ADALM-PLUTO platform to develop No-OS application with AD9363. I'm currently learning about how to set the initialization parameters for the AD9361 driver and how to configure the parameters.h file to have the correct pinout settings.

From example source code I see that I have to set the correct pin number values in the parameters.h file. Also, as the source code uses GPIO EMIO pins and from Xilinx TRM and from this post I understand that the pin number is calculated by taking the pin number defined in verilog (system_top.v) for that particular pin/signal and adding 54. Is this correct?

So, in case of pluto board I would get the following figures for the parameters.h file:

#define GPIO_RESET_PIN				68 //14+54
#define GPIO_SYNC_PIN				99
#define GPIO_ENABLE_PIN				70 //16+54
#define GPIO_TXNRX_PIN        		71 //17+54
#define GPIO_CTL0_PIN				63 //9+54
#define GPIO_CTL1_PIN				64 //10+54
#define GPIO_CTL2_PIN				65 //11+54
#define GPIO_CTL3_PIN				66 //12+54

As in the system_top.v there are lines:

 ad_iobuf #(.DATA_WIDTH(15)) i_iobuf (
    .dio_t (gpio_t[14:0]),
    .dio_i (gpio_o[14:0]),
    .dio_o (gpio_i[14:0]),
    .dio_p ({ gpio_bd,            // 14:14
              gpio_resetb,        // 13:13
              gpio_en_agc,        // 12:12
              gpio_ctl,           // 11: 8
              gpio_status}));     //  7: 0

Can somebody confirm that this is correct?

Thank you!