Using PyAdi to load the DAC buffer in the FMCOMMs5

Hi all,

I am using an Ubuntu Virtual Machine with py-adi to act as an interface for my FMCOMMs5 connected via an ethernet. I am able to ping both ways, and also able to set the parameters. However, the wiki guide at just talks about a single buffer for a 9361 transceiver. I cant seem to  find any information as to how to assign the cyclic buffer ON and then assign the data for each channel ( i.e voltage 0-7).

Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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  • Hi Travis,

    I went through your code and I just wanted to know on how to access the channels of the second chip(i.e ad9361-phy-b). 

    After going through the code I initially thought something like 


    would work, but that does not seem to be the case. 

    After creating the interface as - 



    only gives me 4 channels, and I would think these refer to the first four channels of the first chip.(voltage 0-3 in the IIO).  How do you access voltage 4-7?

    Appreciate your time and help.