What are the adrv9371 modes of data transfer?


I am the beginner user of adrv9371 on Xilinx Zc706. I got enough information about adrv9371 and able to send and receive data when Rx and Tx channel are connected together. 

I plan to configure adrv9371 to be able to receive all data coming from Rx and send it to PC.

From the provided code (dac_core.c), it seems that there are several modes for sending/receiving data such as DMA_STREAM, DMA_CYCLIC and DMA_PLDDR_FIFO. Is there other documentations available that provide more information about such streaming modes? What is fastest mode I can use to stream all data from Rx and how can I configure the adrv9371 to use such mode? 

Thanks for your help

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