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no-OS code of AD9379A?

Hello! I'm using the Xilinx ZC706 evaluation board and AD9379A FMC evaluation board.

According to, I have built a vivado HDL project.

Besides, I have built a no-OS project in SDK according to But the makefile can't  be used because "spi.h" is missed. I'm sure that I used the latest version.

So I add these .c and .h files to SDK project manually. And I have seen that the "spi.h" in isn't right and it can be represented by the "platform_drivers.h" in So the "include spi.h" in some .c files are modified to "include platform_drivers.h" by myself.

And I found that the "config.h" needs to be modified to meet the corresponding development board. After all the steps are done, I run the debug. But when running to the "dac_setup(&ad9739a_core)", "DAC Core Status errors" is shown in the SDK terminal. I don't know why.

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  • Hi, I have a new problem!

    I've tried to write the verilog code about spi configuration of the ad9739a evaluation board which has two spi devices (adf4350 and ad9739a). I'm sure that the spi code is working normally because the spi data read from ad9739a is right. But the adf4350 spi doesn't work normally. After I configure the register in adf4350, the LD light on the board isn't on. The debug picture of adf4350 spi are as follows:

    the clock frequency of ILA is 200MHz. According to the datasheet of adf4350, the timing is correct.

    The data written to r0-r5 register of adf4350 is 0x00320000, 0x00008009, 0x00006e42, 0x00000003, 0x008c823c and 0x00580005.

    I don't know why it isn't working.

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