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no-OS code of AD9379A?

Hello! I'm using the Xilinx ZC706 evaluation board and AD9379A FMC evaluation board.

According to, I have built a vivado HDL project.

Besides, I have built a no-OS project in SDK according to But the makefile can't  be used because "spi.h" is missed. I'm sure that I used the latest version.

So I add these .c and .h files to SDK project manually. And I have seen that the "spi.h" in isn't right and it can be represented by the "platform_drivers.h" in So the "include spi.h" in some .c files are modified to "include platform_drivers.h" by myself.

And I found that the "config.h" needs to be modified to meet the corresponding development board. After all the steps are done, I run the debug. But when running to the "dac_setup(&ad9739a_core)", "DAC Core Status errors" is shown in the SDK terminal. I don't know why.

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  • Hi,

    Can you open xsdb from a terminal or SDK GUI, and manually program the board.

    ad9739a_setup(&ad9739a_device, &init_param)", "Error: Invalid CHIP ID (0xff).

    If the above was not resolved, you can't transmit any kind of data.

    -extract the files from .hdf archive
    -write the bit

    fpga -file system_top.bit

    -init the ps:
        source ps7_init.tcl

    -download the software

    dow sw/Release/sw.elf



    Have you made the hardware changes suggested above?