daq_fmcdaq2 xcvr GTHE2 support Please!

As we all know, util_adxcvr_xch.v of util_adxcvr does not support GTHE2. But my device is using virtex-415t, which has GTHE2 only.

I Konw I have to use https://wiki.analog.com/resources/fpga/docs/xgt_wizard to generate GTHE2 code maunally.

But How do I set the parameters? There are so many parameters.

More problem is, it seems like I have to modify more than just a GTHE2 Instance. Do I have to modify the no-OS and hdl in axi_adxcvr_es.v also?

such as :


localparam [11:0] ES_DRP_CTRL_ADDR = (XCVR_TYPE == 0) ? 12'h03d : (XCVR_TYPE == 1) ? 12'h03c : 12'h03c;

if (XCVR_TYPE != 0) begin
up_data <= {up_vdata[15:11], up_vindex_s[7], up_ut_s, up_vindex_s[6:0], up_es_vrange};


I don't know how to modify axi_adxcvr_es.v.

I really hope that someone can give me the “axi_adxcv ” &  "util_adxcvr" which is using GTHE2.

Or at least tell me how to do this work. 

How to set the 7 Series FPGAs Transceiver Wizard Parameter to generate one GTHE2 to use in util_adxcvr_xch.v, and how to modify axi_adxcvr_es.v.

Thank you so so so much.

By the way, I use AD9680 only and I don't care the AD9144 xcvr settings. Thank you again.

Hope someone can help me.