wiki ad-dac-fmb-ebz hdl support document clarity issues


I wanted to let the analog devices hdl and linux driver team know that there seems to be a lack of clarity in the ad-dac-fmc_ebz document, referenced ad9144 linux driver, and ad9136 dts files in regards to easy to understand end-user support.

     as referenced from gigthub  hdl/project/dac_fmc_ebz/zc706 file


and ad9144 linux driver that now supports ad9136 etc.

 In regards to a AD9136 FMC card the user cannot really tell how to set up  input clock frequency to the boards AD9516 clock divider or what mode to set the hdl project common/config.tcl file to for it to work correctly with the provided linux arch/arm/boot/dts zc706 ad9136 files.

 This also applies to a lesser degree to the other supported FMC DAC boards under the ad-dac-fmc-ebz hdl project.  At least the AD9172 linux driver document says the dts support file to use for an JESD204 operational mode so you have an idea of how to set the hdl config.tcl correctly.

  This should also be linked from the main product page and wiki supported linux drivers, no AD9136 driver support listed yet.   

    It should be easy for one to figure out the JESD204 operational mode, number of lanes used, interpolation used, FPGA clock, DAC clock, and PLL/Clock divider input clock from the ad-dac-fmc-ebz wiki page or other new/updated wiki documentation for the given supported DAC part.

   Note: I already have a highly custom AD9136 hdl and linux driver working for the AD9136 FMC board using a Xilinx zcu106 dev board. My main interest is moving to the analog devices JESD204 hdl IP and linux driver from the Xilinx JESD204 and custom linux driver i now have. Hence wanted to build the default ad9136 hdl for the given linux dts files on supported zc706 to see if they worked first.        



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