FMCOMMS5 ZCU106 compatibility

The ZCU102 is listed as one of the supported FPGA carriers for the FMCOMMS5. The newer ZCU106 was released after the FMCOMMS wiki was created so the question arose whether the ZCU106 is compatible also compatible with FMCOMMS5.

The ZCU106 is more suitable for the required processing in this application and has a PCIe interface which is also of value. It also has the required dual FMC connectors and looks to be quite similar to the ZCU102.

Can you advise on the compatibility of the ZCU106 with FMCOMMS5?

Has anyone worked with this combination of boards?

Could the ZCU102 code be leveraged? If so, what code modifications would need to be carried out? FPGA pin locations, etc?