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Interface of Artix-7 FPGA (EK-A7-AC701-G) with DAC evaluation board (AD9125-M5375-EBZ) having FMC adapter board (AD-DAC-FMC-ADP ) to connect them

Hi All,

Is there any reference design available to interface Artix-7 evaluation board to DAC evaluation (AD9125-M5375-EBZ) board via FMC interface so that sinewave gerated from FPGA can be taken out from DAC.
The DAC (AD9125-M5375-EBZ) Quick start guide suggest the use of Analog's Data pattern Generator to generate a sine wave as a data source.However I want the data to be generated from the FPGA board as source for DAC. I tried it using "oserdes" but its not working.

Thanks and Regards