JESD204 questions

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I am trying to understand the problem definitions for JEsSD204. I read lot of documentation and I am able to follow most of the content, but the definition of the
terms is not clear to me.
First what is meant with Latency and deterministic Latency.

The chain that produces delays adds: The ADC Core Latency, The RX Delay (Serialized, The Lane Delay), The deSerializer.

What is not deterministic appears to me only the Lane delay, all of the rest is known and repeatable. But just fix me if that's not the case.

Whatever is the result of the previous question the final elastic buffer takes care of compensating the different arrival time of serial data, in my understanding the incoming bits are stored as thety arrive in each lane, and are serialized out of the elastic buffer all together when they are supposed to be there entirely.
Reading the page 15 of the document JESD204B Survival Guide, I see the Subclass 0 has the synchronization steps, so effectively this provides a time alignment of different lanes. It is perfectly able to provide a latency compensation. So now I do not follow what is missing in this Subclass 0 respect to the other subclasses.
The device ADC has a frame reference, if all of the ADC share the same signal, they are supposed to be synchronized. Of course I do not understand some of the definitions in the problem. 

Just drop suggestion ..

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