Simulink ( Matlab System block for AD9371)

Hi ,

I would like to build a QPSK modulator/demodulator design on the ZC706 board with AD9371 . As I was trying to replicate the example design for QPSK Tx/Rx for AD9361 devices , I realized the following 

1) There is no Simulink System Object for ZC706 AD9371 device 

2) For AD9361 device there is a specific library (lib9361 precompiled which is called inside the AD9361 system Object)

Note : I understand that we need to use LIBIIO framework to communicate with the AD9371 device . Is there an generic example that I can refer to develop a Simulink system model for AD9371 using LIBIIO frameowork. I know that its possible using the MATLAB script with the current framework. 

Would appreciate your help on this. 

With regards