ZC706 ethernet

I boot ADI image "23 May 2019 release (2018_R2)" on ZC706+fmcomms3. It is working fine. However, once I recreate BOOT.BIN with a recompiled version of system_top.bit(recompile ADI hdl), the ethernet stops working in Linux. The ethernet is working in u-boot. I can ping in u-boot. What can go wrong?

The other question, for  "23 May 2019 release (2018_R2)", where can I find build info such as follows which I find in the older images:

Linux SHA:8da3e748eb3a61801fb0ebeb4af6a65c1fb8a601
Linux branch:2014_R1
Linux repository:github.com/.../linux.git
HDL SHA:758aef6940bd68d214bd9358a734cdab00456ea2
HDL branch:hdl_2014_r1
HDL repository:github.com/.../hdl.git