FSK Loopback via AD9364


I have been asked to start a new thread as my previous query was resolved.

I am working on AD9364 with Kintex7 XC7K410TFBG900-1. I am using the No-OS Driver in DMA mode. I am able to transmit and receive the sine_lut array in the driver file dac_core.c. I have loopbacked externally the TX and RX channels of AD9364 via SMA cable with attenuator. 

My aim is to transmit my FSK Modulated data via AD9364, receive back the same on RX Channel, Demodulate it using my custom written FSK Demodulator IP and recover my original data.

I have verified the FSK Mod->FSK Demod link to confirm that both my FSK IPs are working.

Now I have connected FSK Modulation output to dac_data_i0 channel of AD9361 IP. The output of AD9361 adc_data_i0 channel is connected to FSK Demodulation. When I observe AD9361 i0 output (which is input to FSK Demod) on ILA, I dont observe any sine wave.  My FSK input data is at 100KHz. FSK Modulation outputs 1MHz and 1.15MHz. Below is a snapshot of my Vivado Block Design. I have highlighted the important signals. I also tried connecting FSK Modulation output of 16bits with 0 padding to the 64bit input of util_ad9361_dac_upack IP. But still, my result is same.

In my AD9361 driver, I have set the TX LO frequency to 2.4GHz and RX Samp Rate to 10MHz.

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