ADRV9009 : Transmitting Data to DAC using No-OS Design

Hi all,

I am using adrv9009 No-os design using vivado 2018.3 on zcu102 board. I want to create a loop back i.e. transmitting data through DAC and receive it back from ADC.

For testing the loop back  I am sending the DC signal to DAC in all four channels, but  jesd_tx output is  struck at "bcbcbcbc" in all the four channels.

ILA at input of the jesd_tx

ILA at the output of the jesd_tx for single channel

On the terminal, jesd_tx status shows CGS as link status.

I think to transmit signal to DAC the link status should to DATA as in rx_jesd and rx_os_jesd.

How to change the link status to DATA ?

Should it done in hardware or software ?


Husain Asif