BRAM access from Linux in adrv9009_zcu102 reference design

I'm modifying the adrv9009_zcu102 reference design and trying to add BRAM(4K:1024depth) as a user interface.

The configuration is as follows.

sys_ps8 (zynq)-> axi_cpu_interconnect-> axi_bram_ctrl-> axi_bram

"axi_bram_ctrl-> axi_bram" are added IP.

The address of BRAM was 0x00_84AC_0000-0x00_84AC_0FFF (4K).
However, Linux does not seem to recognize BRAM as an IO area.
Because the BRAM area is not displayed by "cat / proc / iomem /" command.
Are there any missing steps as follows?
Could it be that I have to modify any device tree file before building Linux Kernel?

Outline of make commands are as follows.

# Vivado make
$ mkdir 2018r2_hdl
$ cd 2018r2_hdl
$ git clone
$ make

Add BRAM & axi_bram_ctrl and Generate Bitstream

# make u-boot
$ mkdir u-boot
$ cd u-boot
$ git clone -b xilinx-v2018.2
$ make xilinx_zynqmp_zcu102_rev1_0_defconfig
$ make (u-boot.elf is made)

# make BOOT.BIN
$ mkdir build_boot_bin2
$ wget
$ ./ system_top.hdf u-boot.elf download

# Kernel build (make image & system.dtb)
$ mkdir adrv9009_2018r2
$ cd adrv9009_2018r2
$ wget
$ cp
modify L59 add "-b 2018_R2"
$ ./ linux2018r2_adrv9009 xilinx/zynqmp-zcu102-rev10-adrv9009.dtb
$ cp zynqmp-zcu102-rev10-adrv9009.dtb system.dtb