Some problems about FFT transformation of ad9361 data acquisition in vivado

I want to know about the data of ad9361 collected by adc_capture. Now I add a DMA IP core to the PL side to read and write DDR data. The data read by DMA is FFT transformed on the PL side and then transmitted back to DDR or displayed on the PL side.

I had a problem. For the data of ad9361 collected by adc_capture, I learned two ways of FFT transform on PL side. The first way is to call the FFT IP core of vivado directly. The second way is to use the real FFT project mentioned in the reference ug871-vivado-high-level-synthesis-tutorial (mainly real2xfft and xfft2real in engineering). In real FFT, the combination of IP nuclear energy can be applied to data collected by adc_capture.

Should I change the format of data collected by adc_capture before FFT transform in sdk?

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