[ADRV9009 + ZCU102] TxRx Pin Mode Help


I have some questions regarding the TxRx pin mode. So my current application is on the TAL_TXRX_PIN_MODE setting and my Tx and Rx enable pins in the system_top.v is hooked up to the GPIO buttons (TX2 = Left button and RX2 = Right button). When I press the RX2 button to turn it on, my spectrum analyzer shows that there is something transmitting from TX1 and TX2 when in theory its suppose to not show anything (since RX2 is enabled). The only time when the device is not transmitting something is when I don't press any of the buttons. Could someone please explain what is happening? My goal is to have the PL control the enabling pins for TX1 and RX1 so that only one or the other turns on.   

This is my system_top.v code snippet. 

ad_iobuf #(.DATA_WIDTH(28)) i_iobuf (
.dio_t ({gpio_t[59:58], pl_t1, pl_t1, pl_t1, pl_t1, gpio_t[53:32]}),
.dio_i ({gpio_o[59:58], tx1, gpio_bd_i[8], rx1, gpio_bd_i[11], gpio_o[53:32]}),
.dio_o ({gpio_i[59:58], pl_i1, pl_i1, pl_i1, pl_i1, gpio_i[53:32]}),
.dio_p ({ ad9528_reset_b, // 59
ad9528_sysref_req, // 58
adrv9009_tx1_enable, // 57
adrv9009_tx2_enable, // 56
adrv9009_rx1_enable, // 55
adrv9009_rx2_enable, // 54
adrv9009_test, // 53
adrv9009_reset_b, // 52
adrv9009_gpint, // 51

The tx1 and rx1 line is just hooked up to a module that enables one or the other one every second. 

Thank you. 

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