trouble - LED blink on ADRV9361 with ADRV1CRR-FMC (No_OS mode)


I use ADRV9361Z7035 board on ADRV1CRR-FMC carrierboard. 

In Vivado i built the project from github source files as shown here. 

First, I want to blink the LEDs 0-3 on Carrierboard. 

There are not all ports initialized in "Block design", but in XDC file all ports are initialized. "Ok"- say me, after I created the Port "gpio_bd" as shown in XDC-file, made bitstream and download to ADRVboard with JTAG-emulator. 

In SDK, I add code to blink LEDs

#define LED_DELAY     100000
#define LED_STATE     0x00000000
/////////////////user code in main: 
 XGpio leds_on_board;
	    int ledStatus;
	    volatile int Delay;
	    volatile int led_state = LED_STATE;
		/* Initialize the GPIO driver */
		ledStatus = XGpio_Initialize(&leds_on_board, XPAR_AXI_GPIO_LEDS_DEVICE_ID);   // look xparameters.h //define XPAR_GPIO_0_DEVICE_ID XPAR_AXI_GPIO_LEDS_DEVICE_ID
		if (ledStatus != XST_SUCCESS) {
			xil_printf("LEDS_Gpio Initialization Failed\r\n");
			return XST_FAILURE;
		XGpio_SetDataDirection(&leds_on_board, 1, 0x00);   //XGpio_SetDataDirection(&Gpio, LED_CHANNEL, ~LED);

		while (1) {
				/* Set the LED to High */
				XGpio_DiscreteWrite(&leds_on_board, 1,led_state);

				/* Wait a small amount of time so the LED is visible */
				for (Delay = 0; Delay < LED_DELAY; Delay++);
				led_state ^= 0x00f0;                                  
				//XGpio_DiscreteWrite(&leds_on_board, 0,led_state);

				/* Clear the LED bit */
				XGpio_DiscreteWrite(&leds_on_board, 1,led_state);
				for (Delay = 0; Delay < LED_DELAY; Delay++);
				/* Wait a small amount of time so the LED is visible */
				//for (Delay = 0; Delay < LED_DELAY; Delay++);

Compile, linking and so on was successful, but the leds dont blink. 

I check the states of "gpio_bd" bus with IP ILA. In ILA ports are changing the state from 0 to 1.  

What do you think about my trouble?

Sorry for bad english, Petra.

change picture with leds
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