DSP libraries for implementing BPSK (and other modulation techniques) on NO-OS FMCOMMS3+Zedboard.

Hey All,

I am working with Zedboard+FMcomms3 setup and operating off the up to date HDL running the NO-OS driver. I am fairly comfortable using the driver at this point, and I am now attempting to modulate the carrier with custom data. I would like to implement BPSK in my design and was wondering if there are any DSP libraries that AD recommends to achieve this with my specific set-up. Or perhaps there is an easier method for modulation that is inherent to the driver that I haven't stumbled upon yet (this would mean that I'm not actually comfortable with the driver I guess). Worst case scenario would be me writing the modules in C from scratch. 

Goal is to implement BPSK on a 2.4Ghz carrier according to a pre-defined Look Up Table in my real time system. 

Any help is appreciated! Thanks !


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  • Thanks again for the replies. 

    Can you verify that my current interpretation of the system is correct. 

    1)The 16bit I and 16bit Q samples fed into the DAC core have nothing to do with the carrier generation.

    2) The carrier frequency is generated by the TX and RX synthesizer on the physical AD9361 IC.

    If both of those are correct. My final question would be 

    How do I obtain a phase shift in my carrier? 

    As my IP core requires the original carrier and a 180 degree shifted carrier.