DSP libraries for implementing BPSK (and other modulation techniques) on NO-OS FMCOMMS3+Zedboard.

Hey All,

I am working with Zedboard+FMcomms3 setup and operating off the up to date HDL running the NO-OS driver. I am fairly comfortable using the driver at this point, and I am now attempting to modulate the carrier with custom data. I would like to implement BPSK in my design and was wondering if there are any DSP libraries that AD recommends to achieve this with my specific set-up. Or perhaps there is an easier method for modulation that is inherent to the driver that I haven't stumbled upon yet (this would mean that I'm not actually comfortable with the driver I guess). Worst case scenario would be me writing the modules in C from scratch. 

Goal is to implement BPSK on a 2.4Ghz carrier according to a pre-defined Look Up Table in my real time system. 

Any help is appreciated! Thanks !


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