AD7768-EVB and Zedboard

Hi all,

I have to interface the AD7768-EVB with the FPGA part of the Xilinx Ultrascale+ MPSoC.

As first step, I would like open and compile the HDL code for the Zedboard.

  1. Could you point me to the last commit of the HDL repository of AD7768EVB project and the corresponding Vivado version ?
  2. As my understanding, the AD7768 IP provides the reading of adc output + FIFO + DMA controller and another GPIO IP to drive the AD7768 control pin (sync,..) . There is also a bare metal os driver to configure the AD7768 via SPI ?
  3. I was wondering if the AD7768EVB project will be ported to Vivado 2018.x  ?

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