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DC2266A 16-Bit, 210Msps ADC FMC reference design and Linux drivers.


Has anyone modified any of the ADI reference designs or created the Linux drivers for the DC2266A?

LTC2107 and LTC6409.

ZC706, ZCU102, KC705, KC102, Arria 10 SoC, Arria 10 GX or Zed.

Thanks in advance. 

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  • Hello Clarence,

    Thanks for taking the time to reply and provide some Verilog code.

    Any chance we are going to start seeing more drivers/HDL/no-OS support for LT devices?

    Last time I checked there were more TI ADC drivers in the Linux kernel than LT ones. 

    There is a bit more than just characterizing parts with data capture engines.


  • Hi Xyrtek:

    there are no "LT" parts, only ADI ones. :) we are all one big happy family.

    the group that does the FPGA and driver code responds to either (1) end user requests (like yours) or (2) internal requests from folks like Clarence. If we don't get requests - we don't add things to the list - since the list is already pretty long....

    Andrei is right - now it is not on the list, until you asked for it - (and based on feedback from your local ADI FAE, who you should make the same request to - feel free to give them my name). We will have a look to see if the LTC2107 eval board is compatible with the standard Xilinx platforms (we don't support boards that only work on Zed Board, we need ZC706, ZCU102, KC705, KC102, Arria 10 SoC, Arria 10 GX) There is always a never ending maintainace burden of adding a new board (it gets added to test, and needs to be checked every 6 months on all the supported carriers  when we do a release). As you can imagine - things explode pretty quickly - so we don't do something unless people are asking. 

    Hope that helps describe the process.

    - Robin

  • Oh, and to find the full list of Linux drivers for all ADI parts - check out:

  • Robin,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply.

    The question was made to the general audience hence the specific board on the subject. However in the context of ADI/Drivers it is about ADI's Linux and board independent.

    Glad to hear the Clarence mentioned my request to the FPGA/Driver group, please do keep me posted. Any of the ADI's supported boards will work for me.


  • Robin,

    Thank you for adding that link, it sort of demonstrate the lack of drivers for LT bits a bit better.


  • xyrtek:

    Before the LTC/ADI acquisition, ADI had been spending 10+ years on writing Linux drivers and sending them upstream - that is why there is a long list of ADI devices with Linux support. LTC on the other hand didn't have such a team, and mostly relied on end users to write drivers for their parts. Since this wasn't an officially supported activity, we (merged ADI/LTC), didn't want to claim credit for end user's work (plus we didn't have doc for the device drivers).

    We can try to add doc for the non-ADI developed device drivers, and add them to the list. (it's a fair point that alot of pre-acquisition parts that are in the mainline kernel are missing from the list on the wiki).