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EVAL-AD7980-PMDZ Interfaced with Artix-7 FPGA using SPI

I'm trying to interface basys 3 FPGA board to EVAL-AD7980-PMDZ using SPI. 

I was trying to understand example program from analog devices web-page for nexys 3

Demo code is in

Please help me understand how to go about generating the following libraries in Vivado Design Suite for basys 3. should custom IP packages be created ?

library proc_common_v3_00_a;
use proc_common_v3_00_a.proc_common_pkg.all;
use proc_common_v3_00_a.ipif_pkg.all;

library axi_lite_ipif_v1_01_a;
use axi_lite_ipif_v1_01_a.axi_lite_ipif;

library ad7980_v1_00_a;
use ad7980_v1_00_a.user_logic;