adrv9361-ZC7035 BIST RF loopback

My Goal: I want to receive an RF signal on RX path, apply some signal processing technique and output the result on TX path. 
So, I checked ADRV9361-z7035 loop-back in BIST by enabling (RF RX----> RF TX ) loop back by connecting Signal generator on RX path and Spectrum Analyzer on TX path. It successfully shown the received signal on Tx (Spectrum analyzer) .Note DDS is disable from IIO Oscilloscope, ENSM mode FDD .
  1. With same settings, I connected ILA on ADC data, DAC data and DAC DMA But i found nothing on DAC DMA and DAC FIFO when i checked them through ILA. ILA connections are given below. I was expecting the same data on DAC through DAC DMA as found on ADC data. am i missing something? LA connection as follows

    Probe0              (adc_sync   , fifo_wr_sync)

    Probe1              (adc_valid ,  fifo_wr_en)

    Probe2(63:0)   ( adc_data, fifo_wr_din[63:0] )

    Probe3             (dac_valid , fifo_rd_en)

    Probe4(63:0)  (dac_data , fifo_rd_dout[63:0])

    Probe5             (dout_ovf, fifo_wr,overflow)

    Probe6             (fifo_rd_valid)
  2. what i perceive from this thread ( BIST loop back doesn't follow the FPGA path. Is my understanding right? All i want is loop back by involving FPGA i.e that is providing signal on RX path from Signal generator , captured those signal by ILA(by inserting ILA in RX path) and verify that signal on DAC_out (through ILA ) using HDL reference design provided by ADI (2018_r1).
 Once I verified RX and TX path .After that i will insert some processing core like FFT in that .