DCI and DATA generating from zynq fpga 7z045 to AD9142a DAC chip

Hello sir/ ma'am,

                 I am using Three AD9142a high speed DAC chips at 1500msps data rate. Earlier I used single AD9142a DAC chip on my dater card. That time it was working.

Now we placed two Ad9142a DAC chips on single dater card and one AD9142a DAC chip is placed on another dater card. This two dater cards are placed on one board which has two FMCs upon it and along with 7z045 zynq . i am taking two 375MHz clocks from two FMCs into FPGA and trying to run my logic. As we know , we need to provide DCI and data as inputs to AD9142a DAC chip like that only we are doing.

from FPGA we are generating 3 DCI signals and data through oserdes primitives to these three AD9142a DAC chips.

But  sometimes only i am getting three DAC outputs are properly. In the power ON/OFF conditions The output of three DACs are coming along with spurious. sometimes three DAC are working. sometimes anyone of the DAC is misbehaving. i want to get Three DAC outputs are properly in all time. What could be the reason for this issue. How can i solve this issue.

please help me out.

thanks and regards


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