FMCDAQ (AD9680) hard and soft trigger to start capturing data.


I am using an AD9234 ADC to capture data in the modes 2x500MS and 1x1000MS. I've seen that FMCDAQ2 uses a trigger signal on gpio_i[39] with the signals trig_p and trig_n. This input is used to start captureing on the PS side is this correct?

I would like to add two trigger signal inputs to my AD9234 FPGA Board. For example when I want to capture data for 20uS I could apply this 20uS impulse. When the signal is High, the ADC captures the Data into the FIFO and the DDR. I could then read out the data from the DDR memory using DMA.

So here are my questions:

- How could I achive this kind of triggering? Is it possible to perform the triggering for each channel or is this only for both cannels possible?

- On DAQ2 the Trigger Input is only used to interrupt the PS and start capturing correct? This will losse samples right, as there is a latancy between trigger start in PS Software and the real applied data.

- How does the PS recognize a trigger event? should I use the interrupt inputs of the Zynq PS?



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