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AD9361 HDL - Inserting a FFT into the block design


I am currently using the FMCOMMS3 with a VC707 carrier board and I have been able to implement and use HDL project in conjunction with the No-OS SW.  I have so far made changes to the No-OS SW and am beginning to get comfortable building my own applications here, however I would like to implement a FFT on the receive IQ samples and it seems that the best approach for this is to insert a FFT IP core into the HDL design.  Could you please advise me on the following:

1. I have attached a snip of the HDL block diagram (Image 1, unchanged from first build).  I have read in some related posts that the goal is to link the FFT block to the axi_dma, placing it before the DMA.  Could you please clarify what 'before' means?  In Image 2, which I have attached, should I connect the S_AXIS_S2MM (AXI_DMA) to the M_AXIS_DATA (FFT), circled in red?  To do this, I would have to delete the S_AXIS_S2MM connection (highlighted connection) which goes to the Ethernet block.  Should I connect the FFT S_AXIS_DATA to the Ethernet port?  Sorry if this seems obvious, I don't understand the block diagram or AXI interfaces well enough at the moment to know what I am doing.

2. I would ultimately still like to have access to the time domain samples so I am ultimately hoping that once the data is is captured from the ADC and stored into DDR, I can choose to read out and process with the FFT or simply send the time domain samples through my console as currently set up.  Should I actually be creating a new slave interface on AXI_MEM_INTERCONNECT  block and connecting the FFT to this?  If so, how would I wire the FFT to this?

  • On the current HDL release (2018_R1), data is passed as follows:

    AD9361 Interface -> FIFO -> DMA Controller -> Interconnect

    Technically you can put your IP anywhere, but the recommend place is here:

    AD9361 Interface -> FIFO -> NEW IP -> DMA Controller -> Interconnect back to PS.

    If you want to get both the pre and post FFT data just add another DMA+interconnect back to the PS for that additional datapath.


  • Thanks for the speedy response.  

    If I understand correctly, the data flow you mentioned is as shown in the attached image (highlighted lines) and the red circle is where I should be placing my New IP (In this case the FFT). 

    With regard to your second comment, what do you mean by PS (Processor?) ?  Also, when you refer to 'DMA + Interconnect', do you mean I should add another slave interface (i.e. S07_AXI) on the AXI_MEM_INTERCONNECT (Right most block in attached image) as well as another AXI_DMA_Controller for the Post FFT and hook it up in parallel to the AXI_AD9361_ADC_DMA controller?

    Thanks again for your help!

    EDIT/UPDATE: I have just attempted to place the FFT IP block in the position indicated by the red circle and it appears the output bus from the DMA controller is a 'Memory mapped AXI' whereas the FFT requires a streaming AXI type, it seems like it would make sense to add the FFT before the ADC_DMA_controller (for data interfacing simplicity), is this correct?

  • Your FFT should go before the DMA, after the FIFO.


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