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Square wave output using fmcdaq2

Dear EngineerZone community

Please support.

I am currently creating a communication system.
The concept is to generate an information signal with vc707 and output it as a Square wave from the DAC (ad 9144) of fmcdaq2. Then, the output Square wave is input to the modulator and communication is carried out.

Before that, I am trying to output a Square wave of 1 kHz (offset 0V) from DAC (AD9144) of fmcdaq2.
How can I do it?

Can you create a design as per the user guide and store a Square wave in the buffer?

I can use both Linux / no-OS.


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  • Hi, Andrei.

    It was necessary to be low frequency due to the relationship of the devices used for the current communication system.
    In the future, when the performance of the device improved and it became possible to cope with high frequencies, I wanted to be able to vary only the frequency without changing the environment to use.


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