Make for no-OS for FMCOMMS2/3 not working


I am trying to get the no-OS example for the FMCOMMS2/3 to work with my AC701 board.
I am following this wiki page:

The HDL project was made and the system_top.hdf file was generated and available in the /fmcomms2_ac701.sdk folder.
I also exported the system_top.bit in the same folder.

If I open the fmcomms2/ac701 folder and execute "make", I keep getting errors that seem to be related to folder structures.
The project expects a /hw and a /sw folder, which are not present (the fmcomms2/ac701 folder only contains a makefile).

Initially I keep getting the error message that /hw/system_top.bit is missing, but when I redirect this to the HDL project folder, the following error is related to /sw/Release/sw.elf
Since I do not have any software yet, what should I do to make this work?

I read here that a new project should be created with a hw and sw folder:

Should I do this first?
And for the fmcomms2 project, what exactly should I copy into my project folder if the fmcomms2 folder does not contain any sources?

Thank you in advance!