7z100 with four AD9265, failed with adi axi dmac.

I have a custom designed zynq 7z100 board,  with four AD9265 chip on it, and I create the hdl as the demo hdl, change the dts file for four channel AD9265. See design_1.pdf.

For some implemention error, I change the ad9265 ip core, and repackage it, change file is ad_data_in.v.

If I just add one AD9265 and one dmac for AD9265, the kernel can detect the AD9265 device and damc module, and iio device  create successed.

If I add four AD9265 and four dmac for AD9265, the kernel cannot detect the dmac module and cannot create the ad9265 for iio device, see log.txt, error is                 

                                                dma_request_slave_channel_reason(dev, channel); error -19

I want to know how this error comes, and how to fix this?


by yangliu.


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