RE: AD9371 + KCU105 no-OS evaluation procedure

Sounds good.

I have one more unrelated request.

The jesd204_up_common.v file from hdl-2018_r1 won't compile under QuestaSim because these registers are declared after they are used (starting at line 192).

reg [7:0] up_cfg_octets_per_frame = 'h00;
reg [9-DATA_PATH_WIDTH:0] up_cfg_beats_per_multiframe = 'h00;
reg [NUM_LANES-1:0] up_cfg_lanes_disable = {NUM_LANES{1'b0}};
reg up_cfg_disable_char_replacement = 1'b0;
reg up_cfg_disable_scrambler = 1'b0;

So I have to move the declarations earlier in the file. (I moved them to line 90 to fix the problem).

The file is located in library\jesd204\axi_jesd204_common.

If you can add the fix while you're in there it would save a step in our configuration process.