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Who is Behind LTspice Corner Blogs? An Inside Look

I first met Martin Walker through the EngineerZone (EZ) Blog program. He started writing on EZ about  LTspice in March. It was through him that I understood what is LTspice and its value which he demonstrates in his blog post here.

Martin is a lead Engineer in Product Marketing in the Converters Group. I sat down in a get-to-know-you session with him to get an inside look at who he is.  Asking him several targeted questions in a video interview helped to shed light on who is behind LTspice Corner blogs and much more.

Uncovering the Mystery Behind Martin

Did you know that it took Martin 25 years to get to Analog Devices? Why? You’ll  learn the reason by clicking the video

 Let’s watch the video clip


 A Quote I'm a lead engineer in Product marketing

Features of LTspice that Make it Worth Writing About

I asked him why he was particularly blogging about LTspice. He described it as “not polished” and within a week he found that it was “extremely powerful” and helped him in his career as an engineer. There is much to be said about LTspice and Martin explains why he wanted to write about it.

Explore more by watching the rest of the video clip…

 A quote it adds circuit insights

How to Write Engaging Blog Posts: Martin's Top 3 Tips

So, I asked Martin what tips he would like to share with those thinking about blogging. He shared his experience and broke it down:

  1. Go for it
  2. Write what you’re passionate about
  3. Don’t worry

He expounds on the details in the video clip

 A quote go for it, be passionate, don't worry

Discover the Inner Workings of Martin’s Mind 

“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” – Eugene Ionesco

So, I asked Martin some fun questions. One question was “Does your car have a name?” He mentioned that it’s not about the name of his car but that his guitar has a name; Valerie.

Martin shares a lot about his passions, hobbies, and interests. "Do you think you know him?" Think again. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Enjoy watching the video clip

 A quote you've got to try everything once before you say you don't like it

Martin’s Parting Shot:

To conclude our getting-to-know-you session with Martin, watch the video clip on the rapid fire questions and his parting shot.

Now that you’ve had an inside look at the blog author behind LTspice and you’re eager to know more, look out for Martin’s blogs on EngineerZone Spotlight by hitting the  "Turn blog notifications on" button to get alerts of his latest blog post…to watch the unfiltered version visit our Video Annex here. And the next get-to-know-you session can be found here.

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