A diverse crowd seated in a conference room, attentively listening and engaging in a discussion

Top 3 Takeaways | Connecting with the Embedded Open Source Community

Events fly by when you are learning, connecting, and having fun. There’s something special that happens when like-minded people get together that want to solve problems, that aren’t afraid to collaborate, and that actively listen all the while finding new ways to work together.  

Combining Zephyr tattoos & kites, ski ball (still claiming I won the high score), embedded systems, open source - and lots of tech talk all together roll into my top 3 takeaways from Embedded Open Source Summit Seattle style.  

  1. Zephyr, Zephyr, Zephyr  

So much happening with Zephyr and in our booth we shared an ADI and Zephyr Industrial Use Case. Catch the demo direct from the show floor below and learn how Zephyr is the right ecosystem to provide all the required software needed for secure industrial ethernet connectivity.

    • Looking for more Zephyr? Find the ADI Session: Enabling Real-time Secure Connectivity to the Industrial Edge with Single-Pair Ethernet and Zephyr with Jason Murphy below:

      • For additional details and resources, read more here.

    1. Connectivity & Cameras  

     Our second demo on-site showed a low-cost, scalable, and user-friendly development platform for evaluating Gigabit Multimedia Serial LinkTm (GMSL) camera applications. It was built as an NVIDIA Jetson NX/Nano based carrier board for receiving and transmitting data over a GMSL link. From the software point of view, a Linux kernel GMSL serializer/deserializer V4L2 framework developed by Analog Devices makes the platform compatible with all the standard V4L2 user-space applications. 

    Discover the low-cost, scalable, and user-friendly development platform here.

         3. Community

    Community is why we are at the event, it's to connect and meet you - to learn about what you are working on and how ADI can help. Thanks for stopping by our booth to learn about what we’ve been up to. We had a great time talking with you to learn about the challenges you are facing, strides you are making, and how we can work together.