Blue coffee cup on wooden table depicting the weekly brew

What’s Brewing? At The Weekly Brew

by Geneva Cooper and Anne Mbugua

This blog highlights The Weekly Brew, the, why, how, and more. I asked Geneva,  questions to help us learn more about what's brewing. 

What is The Weekly Brew?

It is a place on EngineerZone, a social group for celebrating and recognizing National days that thrive on shared interests, discussions, and engagement. The themes are centered around various observance days. A place for members to have fun, learn, and connect with other members who share their passion for these themes.

 Figure 1. the weekly brew homepage

Figure 1. The weekly brew homepage

Why was The Weekly Brew Started?

The reason for starting The Weekly Brew is to create a welcoming and positive space where members can come together, celebrate their passions, learn, and connect with other members who share their enthusiasm. It’s another way for EngineerZone to promote positivity and foster a sense of community.

How Can You Participate in The Weekly Brew?

The Weekly Brew can be found on the EngineerZone home page under the Community Hub. Members can participate by sharing content, sharing thoughtful comments, and liking content. Members can suggest topics and vote for weekly discussions. 

 Figure 2. how to navigate to the weekly brew

Figure 2. How to navigate to the weekly brew

What Would You like to See Happen on The Weekly Brew?

I would like to see The Weekly Brew as a place for members to make connections with other members with the same interests. I’d also like members to be comfortable sharing their interests beyond their professional roles and expertise. Now that you know what The Weekly Brew is about and what’s brewing. Join in weekly conversations and celebrations by heading over to The Weekly Brew here.