It's time to select a new avatar! You've probably seen the green EZ avatar image on EngineerZone. Don't get lost in a sea of EZ green avatars.

Change your avatar between November 9th-19th for a chance to win an ADI swag bag. We will draw 10 lucky winners who complete this challenge.

How to win:

  1. Update your avatar by Nov. 19th
  2. Subscribe to the EngineerZone Spotlight blog
  3. Comment on this blog to say "I have a new avatar!"

Sneak Peek: The bag will contain these socks along with other items in the swag bag.

ADI socks

ADI socks

How to update your avatar

You can change your avatar by clicking on the avatar image on the top right of the page, and select "Profile."

Click the "Edit Profile" button on the bottom right of your profile page.

Once you are in edit mode, click on "Change."

From there, you can either Upload your headshot or click Select to choose from our list of already available avatars. 

We have over 50 unique avatars to choose from. Select your favorite avatar image and then click Save.

Remember it's easy to win:

Anyone who has customized their avatar can add a comment to this blog. You can simply post, "I have a new avatar" in a comment on this blog post before 9 AM ET on Friday, November 19th.

Now, go change your avatar, and comment below when this is complete!