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Unveiling a SigmaDSP Enthusiast!

Welcome back to yet another exciting  Get-to-Know-You Session on EngineerZone. Meet engaging Community members and discover the vibrancy that defines this space. Today’s session is about an exclusive interview Microphone with Robert Blowsky, , a SigmaDSP enthusiast! In case you missed the previous session with Mark Thoren,  you can catch up here

Join us as we explore Robert's passion for Sigma Studio unraveling some of its secrets. He can be found on SigmaDSP Processors & SigmaStudio Dev. Tool forum on EngineerZone. I asked him a few questions to unveil the brilliance behind his work.

Curious to know more? Thinking Experience the excitement firsthand in the captivating video clips below!

Exploring My World: A Glimpse into What I Do

Inquisitive to know what Robert does I asked him to share a little more. Catch the conversation in the clips below.


Diving into SigmaDSP

How did Robert get involved with Sigma Studio? It all started with an associate at work looking into DSP for their next-gen product. He stated that the "Cost was a wash, but oh the fun!" Even at this early stage, they found advantages over the analog approach. Watch the clip below for more on the conversation!

The Most Rewarding Relationship on EZ

Community forums are collaborative and fulfilling places, where knowledge, connections, and shared experiences create a truly rewarding journey for every member. I wanted to know more about Robert's work in the forum and what it's like.  So, I asked him to share what is his most rewarding relationship.  Get to find out in the video clip below.


Accelerating Answers: The Keys to Efficient Problem-Solving

Are you struggling with getting better and faster answers in your forum? I asked Robert to give us some insight on how EngineerZone members might get better and faster answers… I don’t want to spill the beans so play the video clip below to learn all about it!


Exploring Fun SigmaStudio Projects

I was enthusiastic and wanted to know if Robert uses Sigma Studio for fun projects. He shared that anyone with analog experience can build similar "circuits" with SigmaStudio.  Some may work better than others, but all are fun.  You can find all these projects and more posted on EngineerZone.

To mention a few:

  • A "Theremin"
  • A click-and-pop eliminator for vinyl records
  • A tracking whistle filter for shortwave / amateur radio
  • A voice stress analyzer "lie detector" (for entertainment only)

To learn more and watch a soundMusical note demo, play the video below.


How Basic DSP Principles Can Make a Difference

Join the conversation to learn if you need the knowledge of DSP theory to use Sigma Studio by watching the video clip below.

Thank you for taking the time to watch and learn about Robert and I hope you’ve gained some insight into his work and Sigma Studio. To watch the unfiltered version (with extra details of our conversation) you can find it in the Video Annex here.

This concludes our session!


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A "Theremin" -  here

A click-and-pop eliminator for vinyl records -  here

A tracking whistle filter for shortwave / amateur radio - here

A voice stress analyzer "lie detector" (for entertainment only) - here

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