Illuminated cityscape with a web of network lines and interconnected dots depicting Analog Devices at GRCon

Top 3 Things To Tune Into at GRCon: For Your Software Radio Journey

It’s that time again for the GNU Radio project and community to get together at GRCon! GRCon is a technical conference for all things Software Radio taking place September 5 - 9. The event brings together developers, hobbyists, students, professors, and industry experts together to get hands-on and connect on the latest tools, trends, and radio solutions that go beyond hardware.

Here are the top 3 things you need to know before you attend virtually or in person. But first - mark your calendar for September 5 - 9! The event offers a hybrid experience and there’s something for everyone but here are the top 3 things for you to keep in mind as you plan your schedule.

Defining Your Software Radio Journey

  1. Visit our ADI booth. Here you’ll see the latest demos and talk with our experts about our contributions to open-source projects such as GNU Radio. Are you using GNU Radio to solve communications signal processing challenges? Let’s talk about the tools we provide and how we can work together on solutions. Our goal is to help you solve challenges through our range of technologies, software, tools, evaluation and prototyping platforms, and full radio solutions.

  2. Technical sessions with ADI Experts. Let’s dig into software-defined radio content at GRCon with 2 sessions you can’t miss.

    What does a live beamforming fundamentals demo, the ADALM-PLUTO, the GNU Radio Companion, and the FMCW phased array radar have in common? That’s right – it’s all combined into one amazing, 30-minute session on Wednesday, Sept 6th with Mark Thoren and Jon Kraft from ADI. You’ll learn how to build, control, and process data from a 10 GHz, 8-element, FMCW phased array radar in the Phased Array FMCW Radar using the "Phaser" and GNU Radio Companion. They’ll also highlight the advantages of using GRC vs Python. You’ll find all of this is fully open source, with readily available hardware and software posted at

    General-Purpose Phased Array Learning Kit: Efficient Interference Mitigation on Thursday, September 7. Come learn more and check out the phased array learning kit that addresses the critical challenge of interference mitigation in various communication scenarios with Robin Getz (MathWorks) and Jon Kraft (ADI). Have a question? Don’t miss the chance to ask the experts your questions in the 30-minute session.
  1. You don’t need to be there in person. This is the best part! You can register to attend GRCon virtually for free (there’s also an option to pay what you can to support GNU Radio activities) to catch the sessions live. You can also participate in the GRCon chat, find details here.

Learn More

You might be wondering where you can go to learn more about software radio. Check out these great resources from ADI.