The EngineerZone Community’s New Look

You have probably noticed that the EngineerZone community has changed a little since your last visit.  Don’t worry, all the technical discussions and support communities you use are still here.


We’ve gathered feedback from our members and implemented a cleaner look with some exciting new features.  Here’s a quick summary of some of the new things you can see and do in the community. 

Recognition for Active Members

To recognize EngineerZone’s most active members who help others in the community, we’ve added a new leaderboard to the homepage.  The leaderboard shows the top members, outside of Analog Devices employees, who are answering  questions.  


Be sure to reward those who assist you by returning to the discussion thread and marking their replies as correct at the bottom of the reply.

We will be rolling out additional ways to recognize active members soon.

Question and Answer Pairing

When a reply is marked as correct, it’s now moved up to the top of a thread.  This makes it easier to see the answer to questions as you’re browsing the community.

Liking Content

Good content deserves attention. You can help improve the popularity of a discussion by liking it. Popularity determines whether a piece of content is promoted in certain places throughout the community.  The community will also begin to generate recommendations for you based on the content you like.

To like a reply, click the “Like” link at the bottom of the reply.

Likes also contribute to status rankings for the person who created the content.

Enhanced Profile Privacy Controls

Community members now have control over what information others can see about them on their EngineerZone profile page.  To make adjustments to your profile, click the arrow next to your username at the top right-hand corner of any page and select “Edit Profile and Privacy”.

You can then click on the “Privacy Settings” tab to set the visibility of each profile field.

Once you save your changes, you can preview your profile to see how various member types will see it.  While you’re in your profile, why not add a photo and some information about yourself if you haven’t already done so.

Easier Bookmarks


Do you ever find valuable information on the community that you want to save for later and easily return to?  The new bookmark feature makes this easier than ever.  Just click the bookmark link next to any discussion, FAQ or blog post to instantly add it to your list of bookmarks.

Want to return to something you’ve bookmarked?  Just click on the bookmark icon that appears on the top navigation bar on every page.


You will notice that you now have the ability to “Follow” people, places and content in EngineerZone.  The follow button generally appears at the top right corner of the page.

Following something in the community means that you are explicitly expressing interest in it, and therefore any activity generated by it will appear in your activity streams on the “What Matters: Activity” page.  You can use this to easily track the communities, content and people on EngineerZone you are interested in. 

What Matters


The new icons you see in the top left navigation allow you to access the new “What Matters” pages.

"What Matters" is a key new feature in the EngineerZone community that makes it incredibly simple to stay on top of information, communicate, and take action.


Read more information about how to use this new feature in the FAQ: Using the What Matters Feature to Monitor and Reply to Relevant ContentThe specified item was not found.


We hope these new features help improve your experience in the EngineerZone community.  We are always interested in your feedback.  Please visit our Feedback Community and let us know what you think.




EngineerZone Community Manager