Zephr Virtual Tech Talk

Talking Zephyr Release 3.6 - Live Community Q&A

It feels just like yesterday Analog Devices joined the Zephyr Project as a Platinum member; we joined the same time as the 3.4 release – but that was in June 2023. Where did the time go? Time really does fly when you are part of a thriving community and ecosystem.


“Embedded software plays a pivotal role in delivering industry-leading digital products to our customer base, which exceeds 125,000 across new and emerging markets. By contributing to Zephyr, we continue to show our commitment to the open source community and to our customers.” Read the full Press Release here.

This couldn’t be truer than it is today and this time ADI’s contributions are through the release of Zephyr version 3.6.0 as Maureen Helm (Distinguished Engineer at Analog Devices) contributed as a release manager. With the new release, it’s time to celebrate with the community! Bring all your questions the panel of Zephyr experts to the Zephyr Tech Talk on Wednesday, Feb. 28 (9:00 AM EST / 3:00 PM CET). Read more and register  

Join us to ask your questions about new features and hear about Zephyr 3.6 release highlights. Get the inside scoop - what does it take to be a release manager - what challenges did the team encounter? How did they overcome them? If you are contemplating being a release manager or are one today – any lessons learned and advice to share?  Be sure to join us for this highly interactive session!