Stress Your Power Supply, Not Yourself

Stress Your Power Supply, Not Yourself

Have you had that bad dream about your new design yet? You know, the one where it's almost done and you bring up the power supply and then…disaster! All because you didn't vet the power supply thoroughly enough.

Don't let your design end like a bad dream! The new EE-SimRegistered OASIS Simulation Tool empowers you to quickly evaluate your switch-mode power supply's performance during both normal and extreme operating conditions. Powerful features like parameter stepping, Bode subplots, and user-inserted time- and frequency-domain probes let you rapidly stress the limits of the power circuit—and boost your confidence in your design.

Yet using the OASIS Simulation Tool is surprisingly easy. Start by selecting from a library of over 150 proven schematics, or customize and download a ready-to-simulate design from the online EE-Sim DC-DC Design Tool. Then watch both time- and frequency-domain simulations finish in mere moments thanks to the industry-leading SIMPLIS simulation engine. View the resulting waveforms in a myriad of ways for maximum insight.

In the short video below, you can see the OASIS simulator in action. Get familiar with the tool's operation as a schematic is opened and simulated. Then observe how parameter stepping tests the design's performance as the input voltage exceeds its specified limit.

Watch and learn today!